About us

OfficialKstudio2 - Copy (2)Steelkrill Studio is an independent video game and asset developer, creating games and projects for gamers and developers.

Steelkrill Studio (formally known as KGames) is a an independent video game and asset developer, which is the creator and self publisher of two released Indie Games [REC] Shutter and Baby Blues and several complete project assets. Focusing mostly on making free Indie games of all genre while also developing side assets.

It was founded in early 2012 and now In the mid 2016, it’s name was changed to Steelkrill Studio.

[REC] Shutter, the first release game is a free-to-play horror adventure game, based on playing as a reporter in a asylum; it is the first project to be developed and released on Nov 5, 2012 for Windows. Baby Blues is a free-to-play horror survival game, based on playing as a toddler in a house; it is the second project to be developed and released on Jan 11, 2013 for Windows. Steelkrill Studio is now working on more game projects and also working on more complete project assets and you can follow the development on social media and on this website.

Quote from the developer of Steelkrill Studio – “I always dreamed of, to become a game developer. I enjoy creating games, all I always wanted to do is to start making my own games, I started working hard to try to make best experience to players. My time was spend working on the games and coming up with ideas, changing the plots for over ten times of both games. I enjoy making games and enjoy watching people play my projects. It is a big honor for me”

Both games till today still holds the rating of 7 out of 10. To this day, Steelkrill Studio is a independent video game and asset developer which is working under the radar on more announced projects and several assets for developers and who is willing to begin the game making journey. The latest activity was the name change to Steelkrill Studio in 2016 and the more focus on game assets and complete projects.