Support, Love And Donations ❤


Creating a game is hard, cost money, and takes time. Steelkrill Studio is not a big team, putting everything by itself will be harder then ever but with this little donation you will be a big help and a motivation to continue the road to game and assets development. Support the development and donate, all donations will go forward to the development. Make it possible, support the development and with your help; we will get bigger and provide you more professional content.

Also, donating any amount will grant you some cool stuff both on Pateron or PayPal donations directly. You can donate and support us on monthly on Pateron and gain cool extras, or you can also donate any amount directly with PayPal.

You can read more about Steelkrill Studio by clicking here or you can check out the latest news on the games, projects and more here. If you wish to help out and support, then you can by clicking here.

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